Mophie and the Power of a Great Customer Experience

I set this blog up many moons ago and have yet to write a post using it, until now.  As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of the Twitter and now I’m a huge fan of Mophie as a company. I’ll tell you why but here’s a  little background first.

I started using Twitter as a rabid New York Mets fan wanting more; the most up to date information about my favorite team. In 2009 I moved to New Jersey knowing no one. Twitter has been an amazing networking tool personally and professionally. If you care  to read my random ramblings you can follow me here. I was using Twitter from my phone before I even had a smart phone. The iPhone really hooked me into using it and I loved my 3Gs but was always a little sad I bought it a few months before the 4 was released.

I purchased an iPhone 4s the second I was able to. Yes, I set my alarm for some ridiculous hour like 3am EST on a work day. Bleary eyed awake, to be one of the first to pre-order it and (not to bash) AT&T’s site was not able to handle the traffic or they just weren’t ready.  At a more reasonable hour I was able to place my order and at the same time I ordered a new Otterbox to protect said purchase. The wait was on, two weeks to go. I love my job and my coworkers, being at work with them is fun. The day of expected arrival I told them I wouldn’t be in until it arrived since the email said I’d have to sign. I worked from home on my laptop and there’s a lot to be missed about coworkers when you’re home alone. Around 1pm I heard the rumble diesel and the UPS man arrived.In the rain, I met him on the front porch…. I didn’t have to sign anything (what?!) and I had my new phone woo hoo!

What was unwoohoo – I am a ginormous klutz and was terrified of taking the phone out of the box without a suitable case to protect it. It sat perfectly wrapped in its arrival gear on my desk at work for 5 hours. I Tweeted it, Facebooked it  and had a new phone I couldn’t use because I was too scared to break it by opening the box. Upon leaving work, I decided to visit the AT&T store in the Monmouth Mall down the road.

Now on to the real point of this post. Mophie.

What I neglected to mention earlier was that Otterbox emailed me saying my case was backordered and wouldn’t arrive for another week after the phone did. Boo.

Upon arrival at the AT&T store there was a tremendous wait and many angry people who weren’t as lucky to receive new iPhones from the UPS man in the rain. This gave me plenty of time to game plan (and feel uncomfortable amongst all of the confrontation). In addition to a case, I also needed screen protectors as any self-knowing klutz understands.

When my turn came up I gave the poor sales fellow a knowing “I know you’ve been through the ringer” look and told him what I was looking for. Knowing and explaining an Otterbox was on the way and that I already had a car charger and only one car, I asked if I could I substitute the charger for a case upgrade to the mophie juice pack air case? The answer was “Sure!  I can also take some money off of the package”.  SCORE!

I picked out a white one to compliment my new white “still in the box iPhone”. I let the sales guy take it out of the box, being clearly more qualified than I and he put it in the case. It was and is comfortable to hold and not heavy. It will definitely protect your phone. I dropped it in the driveway, as expected, the next day. No damages, none at all. There were several other people I knew who had purchased new iPhones at the same time and I told them all about how much I loved the mophie, “you can never have too much battery power, especially when you need it.”

So let’s fast forward through the boring (since I’ve probably bored you already) October to late January. There were a few more errors in iPhone placement along the way, admittedly and sadly. Mophie held up and my iPhone is as safe as it was in the box. One day a few weeks ago I needed the extra juice. It was early morning and I was afraid it would die before the alarm went off. I flicked the switch to green right after flicking snooze. The case got really hot in my hand. I flung the phone out of it so it wouldn’t get damaged. I thought, “I’m sleepy, maybe it was a dream”. I put it back in mophie and tried again. Hot. That’s it, I took iPhone out and immediately put it into the Otterbox that sat in its box since it arrived. A nice, actually wonderful device for protection but doesn’t offer the battery. I’m waiting for a hybrid by the way.

Onward through the day and into work, I casually tweeted about my mophie being broken.  Mophie pays attention and uses social media the way it should be for business and most specifically customer service.

What this says about mophie? They care.

I followed the link to their warranty site which was super easy to fill out and submit. Within minutes I had an email back from a representative, a real person named Jeremy Baumann. The same Jeremy was signed at the bottom of every email I received. A real person stayed with me through my entire customer experience with mophie. I didn’t have a need to reply or have a conversation. The idea that a real person cared (or even seemed to) about what I was going through and took expedient steps to better it was all I could ask for.

Not long after I filled out the warranty info the first email arrived explaining that they would review my claim and get back in touch with me. Less than 24 hours later I had another email confirming the case was still under warranty, included a shipping label and instructions to send my busted mophie case back. I mailed it, at no cost to me on Saturday, January 27th. Today on February 6th I have a brand new one. In between, I had emails from Jeremy stating that 1. damaged case had been received, 2.  passed warranty and 3. finally a shipping notice with tracking information.

This all being said… all I have done since receiving the tweet with the warranty information on January 26th is tell everyone who asks why I have a different case or anything about my iPhone is about how awesome my experience has been with mophie as a customer. Upon opening the package, it was a brand new case, brand new. A seal was on the box and a new charger was even in there. I was impressed to say the least.

I will always tell anyone who asks about my experience with mophie and encourage them to buy a case. Heck, I just spent two hours blogging about it. (Try and find a tweet from January 26th and see how long it takes you!) Imagine if mophie wasn’t so nice or helpful?  I could say something here. It’s my first post, who would  see it?  Or I could say nothing at all and move along to the next product.