Christmas Tree Skirt Project


After a week of working all evening every evening, the Christmas Tree Skirt Project is finally complete!  Being a new home owner and moving from a tiny apartment, Christmas decorating is starting from scratch and I don’t have much “scratch” to work with.

I found this post by Sugarbee Crafts on Pinterest. Julia has put together a great tutorial on how to make this skirt. I purchased 2 yards of 72″ white felt from for $11.96 and the biggest bottle of Fabri-Tac they had at Joann Fabrics for $16.99 (but I had a coupon).  Silver beads came from Michael’s and the only other things needed were needle, thread, scissors, rotary cutter, mat and a pin.

Aside from what Julia describes in the tutorial, here are some short cuts I discovered by the time I was done:

1. Use a long pin to hold the petals together prior to stitching them.


2. Stitch through 3 times. Try to hit each side and down the middle.

3. Don’t pull stitches too tight, you will want the flower to open to be round. You can see below especially on the top flower, how pulling the stitches too tightly distorted how the flowers came out.


4. There’s no need to knot the thread if you’re careful.  This will also help the temptation to stitch too tightly.  The sides will be glued together using Fabri-Tac, just be sure to cover the thread ends with glue. I used dark thread for picture purposes and you can see here, what I mentioned in #3 about wanting room for the flower to fan out to a circle.  Additionally, I used enough thread to be able to do several flowers before having to re-thread the needle.  I’m a bit lazy and eager to get projects done!


5. Fabri-Tac was kind of expensive but it works AWESOMELY!

6. Velcro is another idea for holding the back side together if you don’t want to mess with buttons, etc.

7. Using the rotary cutter to cut out the petals was soooo much faster and less painful than scissors. I’m pretty sure I used close to 250 petals between the two sizes of flowers.

Now I can’t wait until December 2nd when we go pick up our tree from Eatontown Lions Club at Monmouth Mall!!  I’m going to try to post up the Christmas crafty things I do this year for the holidays.  Let’s see how that works out…

If you want to see some of the things I plan to work on, visit the ‘Patterns and Projects‘ board I’m creating on Pinterest.  You can also follow me on Twitter.