Some days I wake up and just don’t feel like running. It’s easy to make excuses to stay in bed and not go outside into the cold. I’ve been trying to rationalize getting up and at it instead.

Living .2 miles away from the beach in Long Branch, New Jersey goes a long way in helping shake the sleep and laziness off. Seeing the sunrise has become a little bit like my religion. Not a terribly religious person by nature, watching the day begin from its onset is simply amazing. Not every day is blessed with a splendid sunrise. On days when it’s clear enough out, there’s no reason to miss it. There may not be one tomorrow or for several days.

Accomplishing a run of however many miles, feeling grateful for and happy with my place in the world along with seeing my fellow Long Branchers all before 7:00am can’t be beat. I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging so I’m going to try starting with runspiration posts.

Today’s runspiration began like this:
My foot hurts, I don’t want to run or get up.
The sky is clear.
I can see dawn colors.
Lets walk to the beach.
The fence will be in the way.
Then walk to Pier Village.
Walking will take too long.
Ok let’s just run.

There always seems to be a song that comes on during my time out and it strikes me as timely. Today’s run song of the day: Dave Matthews – Oh

Seeing the surfers out at dawn made me add learning to surf to the summer, or post snowboarding, “to do” list.


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